What’s next in the storm clean up in SLC?

The City is still requesting people report damage to their homes or businesses from the July 26 storm.

The City has received more than 240 reports of damage from the severe weather. The storm resulted in more than two inches of rainfall in less than one hour during the early morning of the 26th. The torrential downpour was unprecedented in recent history; the National Weather Service called the storm a once in 200 years event

The City is working to gather enough data to justify federal participation through the Small Business Administration loan process. The first step was a Citywide Declaration of Emergency made shortly after the storm by the Mayor. Because even the SBA loan process has limitations on eligibility, the Council asked the Mayor’s Office to come back with options for how to assist those experiencing significant uninsured damage, and what those options might cost. In consultation with the Mayor’s Office, the Council Chair has scheduled a tentative follow-up discussion for September 5th.

Questions about volunteer help, clean up to public property, requests for bulky waste pickup, and more can be found by checking the contacts listed below.

Initial damage reports: 801-483-6700, choose option 1
Online assistance: http://www.bereadyslc.com/m-a-r-c/