Summary of the September 22 City Council Meeting

Capital Improvement Projects

The Council discussed the Mayor’s recommended budget for the City’s Capital Improvement Program. The Council took several straw polls, ultimately supporting funding allocations for a number of projects, including:

  • $2.4 million for complete streets enhancements on the westside at 900 West and Indiana Ave. The improvements will impact four neighborhood business nodes by adding lighting, bike lanes and bus stops, and improving walkability, among other projects. The improvements further implement components of the West Salt Lake Master Plan—a Council priority this year; and
  • $900,000 in impact fees to purchase land for a park Downtown.

The Council also requested a legislative intent to fund deferred maintenance projects for Facilities and Parks out of the General Fund moving forward. Formal action will be taken at a later date. Read more.

Solar Panel Installations In historic Districts

The Council discussed a proposal that would change the approval process for small solar panel installations on residences in historic districts. The proposed change would allow City staff to approve applications for solar panel installations—except when they are proposed to be located on the front facade directly adjacent to the public right-of-way—rather than approval coming from the Historic Landmark Commission. The Council will hold a public hearing on this topic and will take action at a later date. Read more.

The Council also:

  • discussed the status of the Transit Master Plan, which the City is developing to guide transit in the coming years. The Council will continue to discuss this topic as the plan develops. Read more;
  • South Davis Transit Study, which includes a number of options to connect Downtown with South Davis County. The Council will take action on designating a locally preferred alternative route at a future meeting. Read more;
  • discussed a study of Impact Fees, and the City’s options for changing fees going forward. The Council will continue to discuss this topic in the coming months. Read more;
  • discussed options for regulating the rates charged by ground transportation companies, such as taxi and limo companies, and improvements to ground transportation service. The Council will continue to discuss this topic in the coming months. Read more.