Summary of the March 7 Salt Lake City Council Meeting

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Council adopted a resolution asking Outdoor Retailer to reconsider its decision to exclude Salt Lake City in future bids for the summer and winter trade shows.

The resolution highlights the Council’s appreciation of the organization’s efforts “to protect public lands and add to the economic vitality of Salt Lake City and the entire state of Utah.”

The resolution states the actions of the City’s residents, business and government leaders show they “share the outdoor industry’s core values.” Read the resolution.

The Council also held a public hearing during which about two dozen representatives from local non-profit organizations requested a share of federal grant dollars. The public hearing is a piece of an annual process where the City distributes federal funding from the Community Develop Block Grant, Emergency Shelter Grant, Home Investment Partnerships Program, and Housing Opportunities for Persons with Aids program. The Mayor has sent her funding recommendations to the Council, which will consider the recommendations in the coming weeks.

The Council also:

  • received updates from the directors of the Public Utilities, Human Resources and Economic Development departments. The Council is holding mid-year check-ins with each of the City’s directors to discuss new events, accomplishments, initiatives and budget allocations. The Council will continue meeting with department directors in the coming weeks;
  • discussed Economic Development, one of the Council’s 2017 priorities;
  • approved two appointments to the Airport Advisory Board;
  • discussed zoning proposals; and
  • discussed State legislative issues impacting the City.