Summary of the January 17 City Council Meeting

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Council discussed a proposal that would allow Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), commonly known as mother-in-law apartments, in more areas of the City. Currently, ADU permits are only available for properties located a half mile or less from a fixed transit stop. Council discussion centered on where ADUs should be allowed, how they impact communities, aging residents, and how they might tie into the City’s affordable housing crisis. The Council will discuss this topic again and hold a public hearing before taking action.

The Council also:

  • Discussed an ordinance that would require owners of large buildings to annually track energy data and share it with the City. The proposal would require owners to “tune-up” buildings with Energy Star Scores below average. The Council will further discuss this topic in the coming months;
  • Discussed Wingpointe Golf Course, which was closed in November 2015. The Council discussed not spending any additional City resources on the golf course unless the Federal Aviation Administration makes changes to its leasing policies;
  • Heard from a number of constituents about homeless resource centers, and
  • Adopted a proposal rezoning properties near Trolley Square. The rezone would allow for a mixed-use development. The proposal will now be reviewed by the Historic Landmarks Commission.