Summary of the April 4, 2017 Council Meeting

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Council discussed the Community Land Trust model, which the City will consider utilizing to provide long-term affordable housing for residents. The model is structured using City-owned properties, which are sold at below market rate. The City would retain ownership of the land, while the purchaser would own the structure.  The Council asked for follow-up information about enforcement and management of the program; tax structure; and how property transfers would be handled. The Council will hold a public hearing on this item on May 2 and will take action at a later date.

The Council also discussed proposed amendments to the City’s electric vehicle parking regulations. The Council expects to receive a proposed ordinance in the coming weeks that would require developers of multifamily buildings 5,000 square feet or larger to make 20 percent of required parking stalls “EV Ready.” EV Ready means the developer would install electrical infrastructure to support electric vehicle charging stations. The ordinance will not require stations to be installed, just the infrastructure for the stations.

The Council also:

  • received mid-year updates from the Police and Fire departments. Council Members discussed a new eastside police precinct and the City’s efforts to help homeless individuals;
  • heard public comment from constituents concerned about the City’s airport renovation bid process;
  • discussed Transportation Utility Fees, which are user fees assessed on commercial and residential property to pay for transportation costs; and
  • held three public hearings.