Summary of April 11, 2017 Council Meeting

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Council discussed the proposed Library Budget for Fiscal Year 2017-18. The proposed budget includes a property tax increase, which would cover the increased cost for the two new Branches.  The Council will hold briefings and public hearings about the proposed budgets for all City departments throughout April, May and June.

The Council also discussed, and signaled support for, creating the Central Wasatch Commission, which is a multi-jurisdictional effort to address environmental, transportation, economic, and recreational issues in the Central Wasatch Mountains. Their work is closely related to the Mountain Accord.  Sandy City, Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake County, the Utah Department of Transportation, Park City, and Summit County are all other proposed participants in the Commission.  The Council will take action on this item and a related resolution at a later date.

The Council also:

  • discussed a budget amendment for the Fiscal Year 2016-17 budget. The amendment includes funding for design, engineering and cost estimates to renovate the old Fire Station No. 14 (1560 S. Industrial Road) into a fire training center; land acquisition, design and program assessment to construct a police precinct in Sugar House; additional building stone repair for the City & County Building; and purchase of land for the Jordan River Trail Bridge project, among many other changes. The Council will hold a public hearing on this item on April 18 and will take action at a later date;
  • received written reports on a number of proposed alley closures and partial street closures; and
  • discussed a number of zoning amendments, which will have public hearings later in April or early May.