Recap of the Nov. 21, 2017 City Council Meeting

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Council continued its discussion of Accessory Dwelling Units. The Council has held several discussions to date about proposals that would allow ADUs in more areas of the City. Conversation centered on two options: one that would allow new ADUs Citywide, and one that would allow them only in some parts of the City. Council Members also discussed the need for follow-up to ensure property owners are following regulations. The Council will continue the discussion in the coming weeks.

The Council also discussed Budget Amendment No. 1, which includes funding for Operation Rio Grande. Conversation with the Chief of Police centered on ways to retain quality police officers already on the force until new officers who proposed as part of Budget Amendment No. 1 can be trained. The Council will hold a public hearing on this item on Tuesday, Nov. 28 and will take action at a later date.

The Council also:

  • Convened as the Board of Canvassers and accepted and approved the results of the Nov. 7 municipal election, including the elections of Council Members-elect Chris Wharton, District 3 and Amy Fowler, District 7, and returning Council Members James Rogers, District 1, and Erin Mendenhall, District 5;
  • Adopted the 21st and 21st Small Area Plan;
  • Adopted a zoning text amendment relating to Homeless Resource Centers, which includes requirements the centers must comply with in order to operate in the City;
  • Approved a number of appointments to City boards and commissions;
  • Discussed the Salt Lake City Housing Plan, and held and closed a public hearing on the topic. The Council will likely take action on this item at its December 5 meeting.

Watch today’s work session and formal meeting.