Recap of the March 6 Council Meeting

At the March 6 public meetings, SLC Council Members received an update on the progress of the two new Homeless Resource Centers (HRCs) being designed for placement in the City. Participants in the briefing included representatives from Shelter the Homeless Board, the architect of the HRCs, and Salt Lake County. The timeline calls for a June 2019 opening of the two HRCs.  More info.

Also at the Council Work Session & Formal Meetings on this day, a report was delivered on public engagement options to address the City’s funding needs. The public engagement would center on communicating with the public about tackling the City’s funding needs through a possible sales tax and/or General Obligation bond for infrastructure. The Council has not made a final decision about these funding sources, but will continue the conversation on this topic, including the timeline for considering new revenue options.

The Council also:

  • was briefed on the progress and status of the Mountain View Corridor. The 35-mile freeway project would be built on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley and includes plans for improved transit.
  • received an overview of the City’s workforce representations, compensation structures and related information from the Human Resources Department. A follow up report was requested on police compensation.
  • was briefed about a resolution that would authorize a loan from Salt Lake City’s Housing Trust Fund to Denver Partners LLC. The $500,000 loan would be used to convert existing housing at 770 South Denver Street into 22 Permanent Supportive Housing units for vulnerable adults with special needs.
  • was briefed about a resolution authorizing the approval of an interlocal cooperation agreement between Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County for road and trail construction relating to the 9-Line trail.
  • set the date of March 20 for public comment on CDBG grants funding recommendations.

Watch the Work Session and Formal Meeting here.