Recap of the February 6, 2018 City Council Meeting

At Tuesday’s Meeting, Council Members were excited to convene a discussion about future economic development in Salt Lake City’s Northwest Quadrant and expressed their commitment to constituent interests moving forward. State leaders, affected property owners and other stakeholders were invited to Tuesday’s Council Work Session to share information and discuss options that could see a Global Trade Port and significant infrastructure developed in the area.

“The Council welcomes partnerships that maximize opportunities for economic development and success in the Northwest Quadrant,” said Council Chair Erin Mendenhall, who represents District Five.

The City has taken significant initiative in priming the Northwest Quadrant for development by:

  • creating a new Redevelopment Agency project area that will bring significant investment tools to the area;
  • creating a City department focused on economic development in order to streamline business development;
  • adopting a new master plan to guide development in the area, and
  • quickly processing zoning and land use requests in order to implement the new master plan.

“I’m just so grateful for the thoughtful process that Salt Lake City has gone through,” said James Rogers, who represents District One.

State leaders presented general ideas for a bill that’s in the works. The Council expressed a willingness to collaborate with the State and other entities to sort out bill details regarding governance and other options, while preserving the interests of the City’s residents and property owners.

“Local control, land use, taxing authority — those are very important issues to any municipality, and we will always do our best to protect those critical functions,” said Council Member Derek Kitchen, who represents District Four.

Check out the Council’s Northwest Quadrant website for new developments and background information.