RECAP: April 10, 2018 City Council Meeting

At Tuesday’s Work Session, the Council held a follow up briefing about potential new revenue options, including a 0.5% sales tax increase and General Obligation bond, to pay for current critical service needs.

The City will hold another briefing, public hearing and then possibly vote on Tuesday, April 17.

The briefing will be held in the afternoon, and the hearing starts at 7 p.m. on the third floor of the City & County Building.

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Also on Tuesday,

  • the Council was briefed about the status of the City’s water supply. Mayor Biskupski has initiated the first stage of addressing potential water shortage; basically a call for Salt Lake City agencies, residents, and businesses to conserve. With snow levels and early spring run-off well below average this year, the Stage 1 Advisory for water conservation is in keeping with Salt Lake City’s 5-stage Water Shortage Contingency Plan. While the current overall water supply is good due to strong reservoir levels, stream flow volume is projected to be well below average in all Wasatch Mountain streams that support Salt Lake City’s water service area. The low stream flow volumes are prompting the Stage 1 Advisory, which is voluntary and a public education measure.
  • The Council was briefed about possible changes to an ordinance that would amend the City’s Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) regulations. ADUs are small apartments that share a lot with a single-family home. They can be basement apartments, above and inside garages, or entirely separate buildings. Currently, new ADU permits are only available for properties located a half mile or less from a fixed rail transit stop. The proposal will be briefed again in the coming months.
  • The Council was briefed about an ordinance that would extend the deadline for a property to satisfy conditions in a 2006 ordinance that detailed an annexation process. The property consists of about 406 acres in the vicinity of 2982 East Benchmark Drive, referred to as Parley’s Pointe. A vote could be taken on this April 17.
  • The Council was briefed about the proposed Airport Budget for Fiscal Year 2018-19 and received a Terminal Project Update. The Airport Director reports the Terminal project may have an estimated 2000 workers on the construction site toward the end of the year, and the project is on course for a 2020 completion.

Watch today’s Work Session and Formal Meetings here (click the “Interactive” links.)