A Summary of the February 21 City Council Meeting

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Council discussed stable funding sources for City streets – a 2017 priority for the Council. The Council is interested in considering all possible funding options for ongoing street repair and maintenance, including bonding, taxes, funding match programs with residents, and fees. The City has commissioned a survey that will identify the condition of each of the City’s streets – more than 1,800 miles. The study, due later this year, will be used to identify streets in most need of repairs so the City can prioritize accordingly.The Council will continue to discuss stable sources for street funding in the coming months.

The Council also:

  • adopted the East Bench Master Plan, which includes the Parley’s Way Corridor Plan;
  • discussed the City’s emergency management programs and efforts;
  • discussed the function and uses of development agreements; and
  • adopted a number of zoning amendments.