Transit Master Plan

Transit Master Plan

Final Update 12/06/17

The citywide Transit Master Plan was adopted by the Council on December 5. One change was made to the plan during the Work Session before the proposal was unanimously approved in the Formal Meeting.

Here is the change: That on Page 3-10 in the revised plan section titled Transit Master Plan Priority Corridors for Capital Investments, the sentence that reads, “While the Transit Master Plan is generally mode-neutral, an interest in what a streetcar network would look like was one motivating factor for the City Council in funding this plan.,” be omitted from the plan’s final version.

The 20-year plan has been in the works since 2013, and will be used by the City and the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) to guide decisions about the timing and location of service and capital investments.

That includes guiding possible decisions such as where to locate additional bus routes, when and where light-rail should be expanded, how frequently TRAX trains should run, how fares should be determined and much, much more.

Background Information

December 5 Council Staff Report and video of Council discussion

November 14 Council Staff Report and video of Council discussion

2016 Executive Summary

2016 Full Draft Transit Master Plan