2018 Council Priorities

At the beginning of each year, Salt Lake City Council Members review and revise the priorities on which they want to make significant progress during the coming year.

The Council selected the following areas of focus for 2018 while also renewing its commitment to several ongoing projects.

Northwest Quadrant Development
Salt Lake City takes its stewardship of the Northwest Quadrant seriously; incredible growth and opportunity are ripe in this region of Salt Lake City. It represents the last large area of land for development, and the City and property owners are primed to maximize all opportunities for economic development and infrastructure.

Transit Master Plan Implementation
Last year, the City finalized a Master Plan guiding the future of transit in Salt Lake City. This issue directly impacts connectivity to affordable housing, economic development, air quality and overall quality of life for all residents and visitors.  The Plan was the first step, and the Council is ready to capitalize on the plan by immediately focusing on the implementation strategies and funding needed.

Curb-to-Curb Street Maintenance
For years, the City has received public feedback about the condition of streets. Bolstered by the recent pavement condition survey, it is time to address the true need for street projects.  These projects require coordination of each part of the street: curb & gutter, street surface and the utilities underneath – these need more proactive funding and a robust construction schedule.


The Council also renewed its commitment to the following long-standing priorities:

Public Safety Funding – After the Council added 50 new officers and social worker resources to the Police Department last year, it’s time for ongoing funding discussions about supporting our public safety personnel and meeting the public’s expectations.  This is a continuing priority in response to neighborhood concerns about public safety, increased devotion to homelessness and Operation Rio Grande, and the City’s ever-increasing daytime population.

Affordable Housing – 2017 was a hallmark year for affordable housing with an unprecedented amount of new funding dedicated and the adoption of the Growing Salt Lake Housing Plan.  In 2018, the Council wants to build on that momentum by considering ongoing funding opportunities and how to partner with developers and others making progress addressing the affordable housing needs of residents throughout our County and State.

Homelessness, including Homeless Resource Center development – Construction will be underway this year, and with that comes broader conversations about the operations of the Centers and impacts to surrounding neighborhoods, and how to balance the needs of everyone in our City.

Overall Budget Health of the City -A core function of the City Council is passing a balanced annual budget reflecting the City’s core values. Success for each of the above priorities depends in part on a healthy, sustainable City budget.