Housing Priority

Responding to the City’s changing housing needs is a priority for the Salt Lake City Council.

For two years in a row, affordable housing has been voted a top priority by the Council. Council Members have already designated $21 million for use on this issue.

Affordable Housing in Salt Lake City
On December 12, the Council adopted “Growing SLC: A 5-Year Housing Plan. The Citywide plan is intended to serve as a guide for increasing the housing supply, expanding housing opportunities throughout the city, addressing systemic failures in the rental market, and preserving existing units in order to make Salt Lake City a place where all residents, current and prospective, regardless of race, age, economic status, or physical ability can call home.

Policy over the five-year period of this Housing Plan focus on:

☑ Updates to zoning code
☑ Preservation of long-term affordable housing
☑ Establishment of a signature funding source
☑ Stabilizing low-income tenants
☑ Innovation in design
☑ Partnerships and collaboration in housing
☑ Equitability and fair housing

Funding housing projects from the set-aside $21 million is a separate, ongoing discussion. Currently, there are a few proposals for the Council to consider.  Discussions about funding specific housing projects are also occurring now on both the Council and RDA meetings.

 Timeline of Recent Years Housing Efforts


  •  Salt Lake City Comprehensive Housing Policy adopted


  • Plan Salt Lake adopted


  • Housing/Homelessness identified as Council priority
  • Council reviewed, updated and re-adopted Citywide Housing Policy
  • RDA Board approves motion requesting affordable housing proposal from Administration  for at least 4 million east side affordable housing
  • Affordable Housing Assessment Briefing
  • Administration briefed Council on $4.5 million east side affordable housing proposal
  • Affordable Housing Finance Working Group Discussion
  • Affordable housing / Homelessness fact finding night
  •  Follow-up discussion on Affordable housing / Homelessness fact finding night
  • RDA appropriated $17.1 million
  • RDA Housing Fact Finding


  • Affordable Housing/Homelessness identified as Council priority
  • Affordable Housing Priority Briefing
  • RDA Board re- appropriated $17.1 million with new funding sources as recommended by Administration
  • Growing SLC: A 5-Year Housing Plan Adopted