Housing Priority

Growing SLC: A 5-Year Housing Plan

Responding to the City’s changing housing needs is a priority for the Salt Lake City Council.

For two years in a row, affordable housing has been voted a top priority by the Council. Council Members have already designated $21 million for use on this issue.

Now, a draft of the citywide Housing Plan, called Growing SLC, is before the Council. The plan is intended to serve as a guide for increasing the housing supply, expanding housing opportunities throughout the city, addressing systemic failures in the rental market, and preserving existing units in order to make Salt Lake City a place where all residents, current and prospective, regardless of race, age, economic status, or physical ability can call home.



Your feedback is key to shaping the proposed Housing Plan as the Council and Mayor make funding decisions and guide growth in our neighborhoods. Read the plan, supporting documents and the latest Council staff report and give your feedback on Open City Hall, the city’s online forum.

More discussion planned in a Work Session briefing on December 12. A vote is possible on December 12, too.

Funding housing projects from the set-aside $21 million is a separate, ongoing discussion. Currently, there are a few proposals for the Council to consider.  Discussions about funding specific housing projects are also occurring now on both the Council and RDA meetings.

Policy proposals over the five-year period of this Housing Plan focus on:

  • Updates to zoning code
  • Preservation of long-term affordable housing
  • Establishment of a signature funding source
  • Stabilizing low-income tenants
  • Innovation in design
  • Partnerships and collaboration in housing
  • Equitability and fair housing


 Timeline of Recent Years Housing Efforts


  •  Salt Lake City Comprehensive Housing Policy adopted


  • Plan Salt Lake adopted


  • Housing/Homelessness identified as Council priority
  • Council reviewed, updated and re-adopted Citywide Housing Policy
  • RDA Board approves motion requesting affordable housing proposal from Administration  for at least 4 million east side affordable housing
  • Affordable Housing Assessment Briefing
  • Administration briefed Council on $4.5 million east side affordable housing proposal
  • Affordable Housing Finance Working Group Discussion
  • Affordable housing / Homelessness fact finding night
  •  Follow-up discussion on Affordable housing / Homelessness fact finding night
  • RDA appropriated $17.1 million
  • RDA Housing Fact Finding


  • Affordable Housing/Homelessness identified as Council priority
  • Affordable Housing Priority Briefing
  • RDA Board re- appropriated $17.1 million with new funding sources as recommended by Administration