2017 Council Priorities

Stable Streets Funding and other priorities in motion

At the beginning of each year, Salt Lake City Council Members review and revise the priorities on which they want to make significant progress during the coming year. In 2017, the Council decided to carry forward last year’s priorities with new projects, policies and funding opportunities to be decided in the coming months. The renewed priorities are homelessness/affordable housing, economic development, and infrastructure funding, also called Stable Streets Funding.

Council Priorities 2017


Stable Streets Funding

At the Feb. 21 Meeting, the Council discussed stable funding sources for City streets. The Council is interested in considering all possible funding options for ongoing street repair and maintenance, including bonding, taxes, funding match programs with residents, and fees.

The City has commissioned a survey that will identify the condition of each of the City’s streets – more than 1,800 miles. The study, due later this year, will be used to identify streets in most need of repairs so the City can prioritize accordingly. The Council will continue to discuss stable sources for street funding in the coming months.

Economic Development

The Council intends to produce targeted options that use available City resources to help solidify the City’s economic viability. Resources such as the City’s new Economic Development Department, the RDA, and all others that can be utilized to help spur, stabilize, or develop the growing parts of the City, such as the NW Quadrant.

Affordable Housing/ Homelessness

The Council intends to create an action plan of policy options & goals that enhance the spectrum of available housing to all who need it.

Whether it’s the homeless, the families who want to live downtown, or people wishing there were affordable locations everywhere possible in the Capital City, the plan should touch on aspects of the short term & and long term housing issues.

Other actions, updates and discussions have taken place on the priorities.  Visit the Annual Council Priorities page to keep on all the priorities.

Overall, the priorities help inform the public, the Mayor and City Administration about the items Council Members feel are of highest importance to ensure that quality of life remains high for Salt Lake City residents and businesses; that the City is accommodating, vibrant and safe for those whose live, work, visit and play here; and that the City’s financial underpinnings are solid and fair for all taxpayers.


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