Sustainable Funding for Street Maintenance

Sidewalks, Curb and Gutter Funding

Priority Overview

A principal function of City government is to build and maintain the network of roads and sidewalks on which residents and businesses depend on. However, our needs for ongoing maintenance and periodic replacement of our critical infrastructure – streets, sidewalks, curb and gutter – continue to grow faster than the City’s ability to keep up because of a lack of sufficient and sustainable funding sources.

The Council’s priority is to:

  • Maintain the City’s infrastructure at a higher level than we do at present, in part by:
    • Identifying and putting in place sustainable funding sources, such as a Transportation Utility Fee
    • Approving a new 10-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) that makes progress to reduce the maintenance backlog
    • Researching and implementing maintenance best practices and innovative technologies and materials
    • Adopting measurements to track maintenance progress to help guide the Council’s budgeting and decision-making processes
    • Making information about the City’s maintenance schedule and funding easier for the public and businesses to access

Measures of success include:

  • Implementation of sustainable funding source(s) for maintaining City infrastructure
  • Adoption of a new 10-year Capital Improvements Plan with sufficient focus on maintenance
  • Better metrics to track maintenance budgets, projects and progress, and a more-transparent way for people to access maintenance information

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