Homelessness in SLC


For updated information please visit the homeless resource centers webpage.


Salt Lake City has announced the locations of four new homeless resource centers, which will be designed to provide comprehensive services for people experiencing homelessness.

Since the announcement on December 13, 2016, we’ve heard from many of you about concerns with the sites and want to provide information related to your questions and concerns. Click here to read responses.

The new resource centers will be located at:

In addition to shelter, the resource centers will offer mental health and substance abuse treatment, job skills training, daytime amenities and more. The approach is a great improvement over the current model, as it will focus on providing services that will help move individuals from homelessness to housing. Each shelter will have a maximum capacity of 150 beds and the City will work closely with the communities where the resource centers will be built to mitigate negative impacts.

For questions, comments, and concerns please email the City’s dedicated email address homelessinfo@slcgov.com. Your input will be shared with both the Mayor and Council Members.

Visit the City’s Homeless Resource Centers webpage for more information, including the HRC site selection process document library. Additionally, visit the Council’s Homelessness Document Library for links to dozens of documents and videos relating to the process.

Upcoming Public Feedback Opportunities

City Officials will participate in upcoming public feedback opportunities relating to the new Homeless Resource Centers and how they might best fit in the designated locations:

    • City Council Formal Meeting
      When: Tuesday, February 7 at 7:00 p.m.
      Where: City and County Building (451 South State Street), Room 315
      Individuals are invited to use the open-podium time which allows anyone to speak on any topic for up to 2-minutes. Read the agenda here.

 Homelessness to Housing


In March 2016, the Utah State Legislature took a significant step in identifying $27 million for homeless service facilities and services. Ever since, the Salt Lake City Council, City Administration and Salt Lake County have been working hard to identify how many facilities the City needs, how many people will be served at each facility, what types of services will be provided, where the facilities will be built, and more.

Throughout 2016, the Council has devoted significant time to discussing the best ways to serve Salt Lake City’s homeless population. The Council has held several Council Meeting discussions and briefings with experts, Council Members have attended the Mayor’s Homeless Services Site Selection Commissions meetings, engaged at length with constituents, and much more.

On September 30, 2016 the Council and Mayor Biskupski released the following joint homeless services plan:

  • Four new homeless resource centers, each with a maximum of 150 beds
  • Ramping up affordable housing strategies and funding, as the lack of affordable housing can lead to homelessness, especially for people at the lower end of the income spectrum
  • Mitigating negative impacts on the communities where the resource centers will be located.