Housing / Homelessness

One of the most-pressing issues facing Salt Lake City – and cities throughout the nation – is the lack of affordable housing for everyone who wants to live here and enjoy a high standard of living. An ample supply of affordable housing is especially important to help address the complex issue of reducing homelessness in our community.

The Council’s priority is to:

  • Increase affordable housing availability for individuals and families earning between 60 percent and 100 percent of the local average median income (AMI), in part by:
    • Adopting an updated Housing Policy
    • Lobbying for more federal funds for housing
    • Ensuring the City’s Housing Trust Fund supports this goal
    • Considering zoning changes that could expand housing opportunities
  • Improve housing and services for homeless people while ensuring public safety, order and quality of life, in part by:
    • Working closely with the City Administration and Salt Lake County to implement the recommendations of the citizen-led commissions on homeless services and locations
    • Encouraging state legislators to expand Medicaid and to fund $20 million for homeless facilities and $7 million annually to fund homeless services
    • Supporting legislative proposals to increase funding for affordable workforce housing

Measures of success include:

  • Additional funding for affordable housing
  • Zoning changes to support affordable housing and shelters
  • Improved homeless services and facilities; fewer panhandlers

Visit the Council’s homelessness resource page for additional information.


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