Economic Development

April 19 Economic Development Fact-Finding Discussion

The Council has selected economic development as a top priority for 2016, and has scheduled a series of public discussions throughout the year. We are soliciting ideas for improvement from everyone with business experience in Salt Lake City.

The first in our series of fact-finding sessions on April 19 featured an exciting array of people from the business and development community. See the meeting here.

Your suggestions can become part of this economic development exploration for our City. Join us by answering four key questions on the City’s online forum, Open City Hall. Your responses and others will add breadth to our discussions.

Read more about the Council’s 2016 economic development priority. The next session to be scheduled soon!

Economic Development 2016 Council Priority

Priority Overview

Salt Lake City’s economy is strong, our population is growing, and our downtown and other business districts are thriving. Nonetheless, we are facing challenges requiring us to do more to strengthen our local, regional and national economic standing so that prosperity and high-quality opportunities are plentiful for all current and future residents in every neighborhood of the City.

The Council’s priority is to:

  • Nurture a robust, sustainable, vibrant and diverse economy that offers opportunity for all City residents, in part by:
    • Developing and approving a Citywide economic development strategic plan that incorporates appropriate elements of the City’s 3-Point Economic Development Pledge,  as well as the research and public discussions summarized in the EnterpriseSLC Vision and Strategy Memorandum
    • Building on the goodwill established with the public and business community during the EnterpriseSLC process
    • Supporting business districts and nodes throughout the City
    • Encouraging technology-focused businesses to locate in the City, particularly in the West Downtown and Granary districts
    • Commissioning an audit of the City’s building services functions

Measures of success include:

  • Council adoption of an Economic Development Strategic Plan
  • Providing sufficient resources to implement the Strategic Plan
  • Establishing reporting requirements to measure progress and actions to implement the Strategic Plan
  • Engaging a consulting firm for a Building Services audit

Economic Development in SLC

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