2016 Council Priorities

2016 Council Priorities Workshop

Each January, Salt Lake City Council Members review and revise the priorities on which they want to make significant progress during the coming year. Their three priorities for 2016 – adding affordable housing and reducing homelessness, improving the City’s economic development activities, and finding sustainable funding sources for street maintenance – provide a guiding lens through which Council Members view their discussions and decisions on policy and budget issues.

Housing / Homelessness

One of the most-pressing issues facing Salt Lake City – and cities throughout the nation – is the lack of affordable housing for everyone who wants to live here and enjoy a high standard of living. An ample supply of affordable housing is especially important to help address the complex issue of reducing homelessness in our community. Read More.

Economic Development

Salt Lake City’s economy is strong, our population is growing, and our downtown and other business districts are thriving. Nonetheless, we are facing challenges requiring us to do more to strengthen our local, regional and national economic standing so that prosperity and high-quality opportunities are plentiful for all current and future residents in every neighborhood of the City. Read More.

Sustainable Funding for Street Maintenance

A principal function of City government is to build and maintain the network of roads and sidewalks on which residents and businesses depend on. However, our needs for ongoing maintenance and periodic replacement of our critical infrastructure – streets, sidewalks, curb and gutter – continue to grow faster than the City’s ability to keep up because of a lack of sufficient and sustainable funding sources. Read More.


A  follow-up discussion on the selected 2016 priorities was held during the Council’s February 2 work session. Watch the Council’s discussion and read the Council staff reports here.  Input from the public is always a priority as plans for the projects develop.


Print version of the Council’s 2016 Priorities Key Messages


2016 Council Workshop
2016 Council Workshop
2016 Council Workshop