2014 Council Priorities

The City Council prioritized a number of projects in its continued efforts to improve Salt Lake City. Throughout the year the Council discussed how to further these priorities and took feedback from the public. Here’s a look at what was accomplished:

Urban Trail Network

The Council budgeted nearly $2.5 million to expand the City’s urban trail offerings. This move was part of a Citywide effort to better connect neighborhoods and offer residents more options for recreation and transportation.

Projects include:

  • $1 million to improve portions of the McClelland trail (approx. 1100 East) from 800 South to 3300 South.
  • $900,000 to create a pathway on the north side of Sunnyside Ave. between 1300 East and Foothill for bicyclists, pedestrians and other users.
  • $593,000 for improvements to the 9 Line Trail which follows the old Union Pacific rail line on 900 South from 200 West to the Surplus Canal at about 1700 West.
  • Additionally, the Council is in the process of adopting the 9 Line Master Plan which will guide future development along this corridor.

Air Quality

The Council discussed the state of the region’s air quality and actions it could take to improve it. Because as much as 38% of air on bad air days is comprised of particulates from wood burned in residential fireplaces, stoves, and restaurant ovens, the Council is focused on educating the public about not burning wood during the inversion season. The Council is coordinating with the Salt Lake County Health Department, which is discussing a potential ban on wood burning on yellow air days.


The Council began exploring long-term solutions to address the City’s Golf Fund shortfalls, including a call for ideas from the public and forming a task force to review the ideas and make recommendations to the Council. Learn more about what the Council is doing about golf.

Public Services Cost Accounting System

The Council approved the budget for a new Public Services cost accounting system, which will track maintenance costs at parks by location and function.


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