Annual Council Priorities

Each January, Salt Lake City Council Members review and revise the priorities on which they want to make significant progress during the coming year. In 2017, the Council decided to carry forward last year’s priorities with new projects, policies and funding opportunities to be decided in the coming months.

The priorities also inform the Mayor, City Administration and the public about the items Council Members feel are of highest importance to ensure that quality of life remains high for Salt Lake City residents and businesses; that the City is accommodating, vibrant and safe for those whose live, work, visit and play here; and that the City’s financial underpinnings are solid and fair for all taxpayers.

Council priorities:

2017 Priorities

2016 Priorities

2015 Priorities

2014 Priorities

Philosophy Statements:

In 2012, the Council adopted several guiding philosophy statements for the City that will assist the Council in future decision making. These priorities are: Arts and Culture, Economic Health of the City, Education, Historic Preservation, Housing, Neighborhood Quality of Life, Parks and Open Space, Sustainability, Transparency, and Transportation and Mobility.