Some Questions & Answers

Q: When will the new utility surcharge be in place?
A: The City will be working diligently to get it set up as quickly as possible.  It will be no later than June 30, 2016.

Q: Will the bills still be sent on an annual basis?
A: No, they will be on your monthly utility bill – this is the same bill that includes water, sewer, storm water, basic street lighting, and garbage.

Q: If I already pay some monthly charge for lighting, do I have to pay this, too?
A: Yes.  This new surcharge will replace the annual bill that you have been receiving for the enhanced level of lighting in your neighborhood.  (Most neighborhoods have fewer street lights.)

Q: Will my bill go up?
A: It may… once the rates are set, we will know more.  It’s likely that that amount you pay over the whole year will be more than what you paid before in the SAA program. The money that is generated will be used for more regular and consistent maintenance, repairs and upgrades.  Neighborhoods will also be grouped in a way that makes more sense – for example, residential areas together and paying a different rate than commercial or industrial areas.   The costs will be shared with a greater number of properties.

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