Council Chair & Vice Chair Roles

council chair and vice chair roles

Roles of the Salt Lake City Council Chair and Vice Chair

Every January, the Salt Lake City Council elects one of its Members to serve as Chairperson and one member to serve as Vice Chairperson

Chair duties include; signing documents such as adopted ordinances and resolutions, representing the position of the Council to the media and the Mayor’s Administration, oversees management of the Office of the City Council including monitoring and guiding the Council priorities, and scheduling items on the City Council meeting agendas. The Vice Chair acts as backup to the Chairperson in the event that the Chairperson is unavailable for any reason.

In addition, the Council Chair and Vice Chair represent the Council in meetings with stakeholders. This includes meetings with the Salt Lake City Mayor, Salt Lake City School Board, and the Salt Lake Chamber Board.

2018 Chair – Erin Mendenhall, District 5

2018 Vice Chair – Chris Wharton, District 3