New Directions for Golf in Salt Lake City

Future of SLC Golf Course

Spring 2017

Additional changes to Salt Lake City’s public golf courses are being considered as part of the Council’s budget discussions for fiscal year 2017-18. Since 2014, the Council has devoted extensive efforts to helping ensure a sustainable future for SLC Golf, while listening to the concerns and preferences of Salt Lake City residents. The goal is to provide the best possible golf experience at the City’s six courses—Bonneville, Forest Dale, Glendale, Mountain Dell, Nibley and Rose Park. (Wingpointe closed in November 2015.)

Throughout the budget process, which lasts until mid-June, the public is encouraged to comment on proposals in person, by email to, or by filling out the “We’re Listening” box on this page.                                 

If you are interested in reviewing additional information about the City’s golf system, please refer to the links below. Some of the information in the Golf Resource Library, such as the most recent revenue and expenditure data, will be updated as it becomes available. Please check back regularly over the next several weeks for the latest changes.

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