Future of Salt Lake City Golf Courses

Future of SLC Golf Course

What’s next for golf in Salt Lake City?

Golf has a financially sound future at Salt Lake City’s public courses thanks to a series of major changes undertaken during the past year. SLC Golf fans can choose from five courses—Bonneville, Forest Dale, Mountain Dell, Nibley and Rose Park—each of which will begin to benefit from more than$1 million in new course upgrades thanks to the City’s streamlining efforts. Less visible on the links but no less important, the public golf system is better positioned than ever for long-term financial sustainability.

Bonneville’s long-awaited irrigation system is already under construction, as is the transition to secondary water at Rose Park. Further improvements this year at Bonneville include new carts and an improved driving range. Rose Park will see major bunker renovation as well as the addition of ladies’ tees.

There will be new carts at Mountain Dell, too, along with clubhouse renovation and an expanded deck. New on-course restrooms will grace Forest Dale and Nibley. Glendale is open and playable until construction for new uses begins. Wingpointe remains open through November 2015.

The next golf-related topic that the Council will consider is a potential Open Space, Parks, and Recreation bond. The Council will likely hold a public hearing in late July once the Mayor’s Administration proposes the bond to the Council. Bond funding could help pay for installing secondary water at the Forest Dale and Nibley courses. The bond could fund many other changes to the City’s green spaces, as well. The City Council also may take a number of additional formal actions over the course of the budget year to implement other components of the revamped system.

Each of these actions will include an opportunity for public comment in person, and your comments are always welcome at council.comments@slcgov.com or by filling out the “We’re Listening” box at the top of the page.

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