E-Transmittal Communication

The Mayor formally sends recommendations to the Council through the process known as electronic transmittal (e-transmittal). The e-transmittal consists of details about the Mayor’s recommendation and may include draft ordinances or resolutions, financial information and other relevant documents. E-transmittals are shared with Council Members upon receipt in the office, and Council staff use them to prepare staff reports for the Council relating to policy, budget considerations, and Council priorities.
When additional information is added to the e-transmittals or information is adjusted, the updated e-transmittal will be listed with the initial e-transmittal with a note of supplemental or revised.

To enhance public access, listed below the e-transmittals received in the Council Office in order of date received. Once an item is scheduled for a Council Meeting, the e-transmittal is combined with the Council staff report and removed from this list. Please subscribe to receive the Council agendas by clicking here.

Redevelopment Agency E-Transmittals can be found by clicking here.

April – June 2017
April: Informational: New Council Bid Ordinance 2016
April: Ordinance: Darling/Lincoln Elementary School South Alley Vacation
April: Ordinance: Emerson Roosevelt 1600 East 1700 East Alley Vacation
Ordinance: Emerson Roosevelt 1600 East 1700 East Alley REVISEDReceived April 7, 2017
April: Ordinance: Civil Penalty
AprilOrdinance: 21st and 21st Small Area Plan
AprilOrdinance: Public Benefits Analysis – Waiver of SLC fees associated with Public Health Center
AprilOrdinance: Updated Building Benchmarking and Transparency Ordinance – Original e-transmittal received in November 2016.
MayOrdinance: Text Amendment to the FB-UN2 Zoning District
May: Resolution: Interlocal Agreement Between SLC and SL County for Parley’s Trail through Hillcrest Park
May: Ordinance: Transportation Advisory Board Amendment
MayOrdinance: PLNPCM2014-00447 Additional Info and Amendment to ADU
May: Informational: Community Renewable Energy Study


January – March 2017
February: SLC Housing Plan
March: Transit Master Plan
MarchResolution: Vehicle Charging Station Fee Waiver Public Benefits Study
MarchOrdinance: Small Scale Food Production Text Amendment

October – December 2016
November: 2017 SLVSWMF (Landfill) Proposed Budget
November: Ordinance: Benchmarking and Market Transparency for Clean Air

July – September 2016
August: Proposed Time Limited Off-Leash Dog Park
August: Ordinance: Amend Code 12.56, Parking Ordinance

January – March 2016

Prior to January 2016

October 2015: Ordinance: High Street Alley Vacation