E-Transmittal Communication

The Mayor formally sends recommendations to the Council through the process known as electronic transmittal (e-transmittal). The e-transmittal consists of details about the Mayor’s recommendation and may include draft ordinances or resolutions, financial information and other relevant documents. E-transmittals are shared with Council Members upon receipt in the office, and Council staff use them to prepare staff reports for the Council relating to policy, budget considerations, and Council priorities.
When additional information is added to the e-transmittals or information is adjusted, the updated e-transmittal will be listed with the initial e-transmittal with a note of supplemental or revised.

To enhance public access, listed below are the e-transmittals received in the Council Office in order of date received. Once an item is scheduled for a Council Meeting, the e-transmittal is combined with the Council staff report and removed from this list. Please subscribe to receive the Council agendas by clicking here.

Redevelopment Agency E-Transmittals can be found by clicking here.

April – June 2017
April: Informational: New Council Bid Ordinance 2016
April: Ordinance: Emerson Roosevelt 1600 East 1700 East Alley Vacation
Ordinance: Emerson Roosevelt 1600 East 1700 East Alley REVISEDReceived April 7, 2017
AprilOrdinance: 21st and 21st Small Area Plan
AprilOrdinance: Public Benefits Analysis – Waiver of SLC fees associated with Public Health Center
JuneOrdinance: 408 West Dalton Ave Alley Vacations and Street Closure
Informational: Salt Lake City Business Study
JulyInformational: Golf Update
JulyOrdinance: Westside Master Plan Implementation (800 S/900 W and 900 S/900 W Node Rezone)
July: Board Appointment Recommendation: Library Board – Annlaise Lasater
July: Board Appointment Recommendation: Library Board – Bret Rigby
JulyOrdinance: Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) and Consolidated Fee Schedule
JulyOrdinance: SLC Housing Plan
July: Informational: Bicyclists and Motorist Safety Education Initiatives
Informational: SLC Green Vehicle Parking Program
Informational: Small Cell Facility Installations in the Right-of-Way
August: Ordinance: Regent Street Signage Overlay District
August: Ordinance: Station Center Area Zoning Map Amendment
August: Ordinance: Planned Development Ordinance Zoning Text Amendment
August: Ordinance: Ground Transportation Ordinance Amendments
August: Informational: Consent Agenda Grant Holding Account Budget Amendment No.1 for FY 2018
AugustResolution: Central Wasatch Commission: Approval of Representatives from Wasatch Back and UDOT
AugustBoard Appointment Recommendation: Housing Trust Fund Advisory Board – Todd Erskine
AugustBoard Appointment Recommendation: Housing Trust Fund Advisory Board – Sean Umipig
AugustBoard Appointment Recommendation: Housing Trust Fund Advisory Board – Edward Makowski

January – March 2017
MarchResolution: Vehicle Charging Station Fee Waiver Public Benefits Study

October – December 2016
November: 2017 SLVSWMF (Landfill) Proposed Budget

July – September 2016
August: Proposed Time Limited Off-Leash Dog Park