Steps for Public Comment

There are two sections on the Council agenda where constituents can address the Council.  All information submitted during public comment becomes part of the public record. Those in attendance are expected to follow the rules of order outlined below.

Public Hearings:

The Public Hearing section of the Council agenda is set aside for the public to comment for two minutes on specific topics listed on the Council’s agenda. Those in attendance are expected to limit their comments to the subject matter of the public hearing.

Public Comments to the City Council:

The Public Comments section allows speakers to address the City Council for two minutes on any subject.
Note:  There may be times when a City Council Member may request a point of personal privilege from the Chair to ask a question or make a brief remark, but generally the public comment portion of the meeting is designed for constituents to speak and the City Council to listen.

Steps for Public Comment

  • Fill out a “public comment card” (comment cards are color-coded according to topic); check the box indicating that you wish to speak.  If you do not wish to speak, check the appropriate box and provide any written comment.  Hand your comment card to a Council staff member.
  • The Council Member conducting the meeting will generally call upon each individual wishing to speak in the order cards are received.
  • State your name into the microphone before beginning your comments and proceed with your comments. (Providing the area of the City where you live is helpful to the Council as well.)
  • Observe the two-minute time limit so everyone may have a chance to speak.
  • People cannot combine their time so that one person speaks longer than another (i.e., “Joe” cannot give his time to “Jane” to allow “Jane” to speak for four minutes).

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