2014-15 Budget

Council Approves 2014-15 City Budget

Budget season came to a close on Tuesday, June 10 with the Council adopting the City’s 2014-15 Fiscal Year Budget.

The $220 million plus general fund budget, which begins July 1, is the operating budget for delivering services like police, fire, and parks and also includes the capital budget for major infrastructure projects. The budget is funded primarily by the City’s ongoing general revenue sources such as property and sales taxes.

The adopted budget includes funding:

  • $40,000 for summer fireworks shows – contingent upon good air quality;
  • Fire Station No. 9 (services the International Center) to remain open for the 2014-15 Fiscal Year, which was slated to close under the Mayor’s proposed budget.
    a two-person Fire medical squad to respond to calls downtown;
  • $1 million to complete 3.7 miles of the McClelland Trail. Expanding the City’s urban trail network is a Council priority for 2014;
  • for the youth athletic grant program, which awards grants to young people who can’t afford uniform and participation fees for competitive sports programs;
  • $110,000 to bolster Youth City programs in districts One and Two;
  • for a 3 percent salary increase for City employees as part of the Mayor’s proposed budget;
  • $30,000 for more marketing and notice for the Hive Pass. Promotion might also include a subsidy to customers’ first month;
  • $115,000 for homeless services, including expanding hours at the Weigand Center and a program where homeless individuals would be paid for picking up garbage on City streets.

Read an outline of what the Council adopted here.