Fund Types

Budget Fund Types

There are several types of funds within the City for which the Council has appropriation authority and which the Council reviews in detail during the budget process:

  • The General Fund Budget is the operating budget for delivering services like police, fire, and parks. This budget is financed from the City’s ongoing general revenue sources such as property and sales taxes and fees.
  • The Capital Budget determines what capital improvements will be bought or constructed over several years, and how they will be financed. The Council also needs to budget for debt payments on capital projects that were financed through issuing bonds.
  • Special Revenue Funds account for certain property taxes, grant funds, and other special revenues legally restricted for specific purposes. These funds include: Central Business Economic District; Community Development Operating Fund; Grants Operating Fund; Private Street Lighting accounts; E-911 Dispatch Fund; Housing Trust Funds; 7) Other  Revenue Fund (weed abatement and demolition); and donation fund.
  • Enterprise Fund Budgets require authorization from the Council for operating expenses and capital improvements of the Airport; water, sewer, and storm water utilities; golf courses; and refuse collection.
  • Internal Service Funds finance services provided by one department or agency to other departments or agencies of the City. These funds include: Fleet Management; Information Management Services; Insurance and Risk Management; and Governmental Immunity.
  • The Public Library Budget is the operating and capital budget for the City’s library system.

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