2017-18 Budget

New City Budget Focuses on Essential Services

SLC Annual Budget Process

The City’s annual budget deliberations are complete. At the June 13 Formal Meeting, the Council adopted the budgets for the City overall, the Redevelopment Agency, the Local Building Authority, plus budgets for the Library, Airport, and Public Utilities (storm water, sewer and water services).

The newly-approved annual budget for Utah’s capital city kicks off the fiscal year on July 1. It includes an emphasis on essential services and personnel; support for long-term investment in water and sewer services; additional support for the City library system; and aid to the homeless.

The $273 million general fund budget is the operating budget for delivering services like police, fire, and parks, and includes the capital budget for major infrastructure projects.

The budget is funded primarily by the City’s ongoing general revenue sources such as property and sales taxes. The Council faced a last-minute shortfall of more than $1 million, due to an interpretation of new tax rules adopted by the State of Utah, which went into effect this year. The Council voted to use current and future funds from property tax revenue to adjust the shortage in the Mayor’s recommended budget.

This year’s deliberations also ended with approved increases on public utility bills for wastewater treatment upgrades, and a property tax increase for ongoing maintenance at the City’s eight library branches. Employees, including police and fire personnel, will receive a raise.

Council Members say public input on the budget has been invaluable as residents have spoken at public hearings and sent in comments through email, phone calls, and social media. Three public hearings were held, starting in May after the Mayor made an initial budget recommendation to the Council.

A Truth in Taxation Hearing was held on August 8, completing the annual budget process.