City Budget

The budget is one of the Council’s strongest policy-making tools, because it is an effective way to set goals and establish priorities. Public participation is critical to the budget process, due to the many important decisions involved. View ways to submit your comments on the budget here.

Budget 101

Each year, the Mayor and City Council adopt an annual budget and some budget amendments (changes) throughout the year. To prepare the annual budget, the Mayor works with the various City departments to draft a recommended budget. The Mayor officially presents his or her recommended budget to the Council at the end of April or beginning of May (for the fiscal year of July 1 – June 30). Before adopting the annual budget, the Council holds several discussions in May and June – all of which are open to the public. Read more about budget development here.

Public hearings are also held to give residents and business owners a chance to weigh-in. The Council welcomes your feedback about new positions or programs, whether a certain program has enough or too much funding, or on different City fees. By mid-June, the City Council will have changes to the Mayor’s recommended budget based on resident feedback and Council priorities.

Once a budget is adopted, Council Members monitor program progress through periodic reports from the Administration and from the community. If programs are not effectively implementing policy decisions, revisions can be made. Read an overview of the City budget process. 

Read an overview of current and previous Fiscal Year Budgets:

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Truth in Taxation

Truth in Taxation is a process established by the Utah State Legislature where city and county governments and school districts are required to hold a public hearing to increase the property taxes. Utah Law requires that property tax rates automatically adjust when property values increase or decrease so the amount of money the government receives is the same from year to year. Read more.

Fund Types

There are several types of funds within the City for which the Council has appropriation authority and which the Council reviews in detail during the budget process, read more.

Annual Budget Development

The City’s budget process may begin earlier than you think! Learn about the month by month preparation and budget development, read more.