Ceremonial Resolutions

cerimonial resolutions


A ceremonial resolution of support, appreciation or recognition can either be a joint resolution supported and signed by the City Council and the Mayor of Salt Lake City or a resolution supported and signed only from the City Council.

The City Council receives a large number of requests and, unfortunately, cannot adopt every requested resolution. The Salt Lake City Council has made it a practice to decline to pass resolutions on issues outside its sphere of responsibilities.

Please complete the on-line form at least one month from the date you hope to have your resolution considered. The form can be found here.

Resolution language is determined by the City Council but suggested language is requested. Please provide information in bullet point format or as “whereas” clauses. Also, please specify whether you intend for the resolution to: recognize a person or cause, urge others to action, support a position, declare a month or week a day in recognition of an event or person, etc. View an example of a resolution that has been adopted by the Council.


  • Order of the bullet points or “whereas” clauses should be organized in a manner to help the resolution flow in telling the story/background of the topic
  • Keep the language of the resolution to one page
  • Language and tone can be inspirational or celebratory in nature
  • Provide sources of any fact-based language

One signed original of the resolution will be made available. Allow two weeks to receive a confirmation regarding your request.

Questions? Email council.comments@slcgov.com or call 801-535-7600.

Thank you for your interest and request.