Impact Fees

impact fees


Impact fees are one-time fees that are paid to the City by developers who construct new housing, commercial/retail, office or industrial buildings in Salt Lake. Impact fees are used to help cover growth-driven costs of providing public services to residents, including Fire and Police department services, and maintaining parks and roads

For questions related to current fees, visit Building Services’ webpage or call 801-535-7752.

Moratorium Update:

At their November 1, 2016 meeting, the Council adopted an impact fee moratorium extension that lengthened the moratorium until new impact fee prices go into effect (approximately 90 days after the Council and Mayor approve a new Impact Fee Facility Plan (IFFP) per state law).

New Impact Fee Facilities Plan:

On October 14 the Mayor recommended an Impact Fees Facilities Plan (IFFP), which proposed that some impact fees be decreased and some be increased. After holding multiple public hearings and briefings, on December 13, 2016 the Council adopted the Mayor’s proposed IFFP. The moratorium will end when the new fee prices outlined in the IFFP go into effect on Monday, April 24.


Additional Info:

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