Capital Facilities Plan

capital facilities plan

A capital facilities plan is a multi-year plan of capital projects listed in priority order by year, with anticipated beginning and completion dates, annual estimated costs and proposed methods of financing. Annually, the plan is reviewed and updated in accordance with the availability of resources, changes in City policy and community priorities, unexpected emergencies and events, unique opportunities such as development proposals, and changes in cost and financial strategies. In order to maintain the integrity of the capital planning process it is important that strict control be exercised over initiating new projects, or changes to existing projects, outside the annual or biennial programming cycle.

It is important to understand that a multi-year capital program does not represent a financial commitment. City Council approval does not authorize funding. Instead, it approves the program in concept and adds credibility to the planning process and legitimizes the work of the staff and the Citizen Board. Appropriations are made in the capital budget, which are the first two years of the capital program in the case of a biennial budget. The City Council must also authorize funding mechanisms including taxes and bonded debt. Any projects beyond the capital budget should not be viewed as a specific commitment to include that project in a future capital budget, but rather as an indication that given the information available at the time, the City plans to move forward with the projects in the future.

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