Affordable Housing

Background: Focusing City Resources on Affordable Housing

It’s clear that Salt Lake City – along with much of the county – is in a housing crisis.

City Council Members (who also serve as the Board of Directors of the City’s Redevelopment Agency, or RDA) are laser-focused on making a big impact to address this critical issue.

To do this, Council Members are combing through the City’s budgets, particularly the RDA budget, to identify unused or underutilized money that can be reallocated for housing initiatives. Here is what the City Council (RDA Board) is doing to fund Affordable Housing: View the Fact Sheet.

Homelessness to Housing

Council Makes Up to $21 Million Available for Housing

In an effort to boost the City’s affordable housing stock, the Salt Lake City Council – acting as the Redevelopment Agency Board of Salt Lake – voted to make up to $21 million available for housing opportunities at a variety of income levels. Additionally, the Board identified more than $11.5 million to purchase sites for homeless resource centers, which have yet to be selected. Read the full press release here.


Homeless Services Plan Advances

In an unprecedented show of collaboration, City, County and State leaders presented a homeless services plan to address the complex needs of the homeless population. City Council Chair James Rogers, together with Mayor Jackie Biskupski, Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives Greg Hughes and County Mayor Ben McAdams presented a plan that includes:

  • Four new homeless resource centers, each with a maximum of 150 beds
  • Ramping up affordable housing strategies and funding, as the lack of affordable housing can lead to homelessness, especially for people at the lower end of the income spectrum
  • Mitigating negative impacts on the communities where the shelter will be located.

“This is a great way for us to lead out,” said Council Chair Rogers, adding that the plan “is imminently and badly needed.” Read more. 


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