Dogs, Parks, and Trails: Where's the Balance?

Dogs, Parks, and Trails: Where’s the Balance?

The Salt Lake City Council wants your suggestions for how to balance off-leash dogs with other park and trail uses

The Salt Lake City Council’s goal is to expand opportunities for residents to enjoy outdoor activities with their off-leash dogs while minimizing impacts on other people, on health and safety, on parks and open space, on nature and wildlife, and on Salt Lake City’s budget.

To help move toward that goal, the Council organized a community working group that met throughout May 2014. It included community stake holders in addition to Council members Charlie Luke, Luke Garrott and Erin Mendenhall. Relevant City department officials and Salt Lake County Animal Services provided their expertise as well. Together, the working group developed recommendations that aim to balance off-leash dogs with other park and trail uses.

Read more and share your thoughts here.

SLC Golf Courses

Future of Salt Lake City Golf Courses

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the future of the Salt Lake City’s eight golf courses. The facts are they are not performing well enough financially to keep them operating and running as is. Something has to change in the golf system for the benefit of all in Salt Lake.

The City Council and Mayor’s Administration are working together on what steps the City might take to help the courses do better financially. The Council believes that something will need to be done soon to reduce the continuing golf system deficit, more than a half a million dollars this last fiscal year alone.

At the Council Meeting on July 15, Members took a number of straw polls of preliminarily support. Read more about these items, a list of frequently asked questions about the golf discussion and weigh-in here.

The Council is scheduled to receive a follow-up briefing on Tuesday, July 29.


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