Council helps fund Rape Recovery Center

At the March 21 work session of the City Council, Members considered the Mayor’s recommendations for federal grant funding.

During the discussion, the Council also indicated its support for finding $30,000 for the Rape Recovery Center through the City’s annual budget process, since federal grant funds were not available for the organization.

The Rape Recovery Center is an important local nonprofit that has a strong history of supporting victims of sexual assault.

Council Members Charlie Luke and Erin Mendenhall  explain in this video what the Council is doing to help the Center, and the commitment of the Council to helping sexual assault victims.


City resolution & funds support Bonanza Flat as open space

Through its Public Utilities dedicated watershed protection fund, Salt Lake City will contribute $1.5 million toward the purchase and preservation of Bonanza Flat – a 1,350-acre tract of popular recreation space and a critical source of Salt Lake City’s drinking water supply.

The City Council and Mayor Jackie Biskupski have approved a joint resolution in support of efforts behind the purchase of the Wasatch County property, which would conserve the popular recreation spot and protect it from commercial development. The resolution was approved during the Formal Council Meeting on March 21. Read more

Zoning regulations for Homeless Resource Centers to receive Council public hearing

The City Council will soon be asking for comments on a proposed zoning amendment involving standards for homeless resource centers.

The proposal received a favorable recommendation from the Planning Commission on March 22. A briefing before the Council and a public hearing will be scheduled in the coming months.  Learn about the proposed standards on Open City Hall, the City’s online forum, at

Two homeless resource centers are being planned for Salt Lake City. This ordinance would affect the conditions, or regulations for any Center in Salt Lake City. Some features of the proposal, as passed by the Planning Commission, are:

  • Creating a definition outlining the purpose of a homeless resource center
  • Identifying homeless resource centers as a conditional use in areas that currently permit homeless shelters
  • Creating requirements that address potential negative impacts of homeless resource centers and homeless shelters

The draft ordinance is available here. In the meantime,  you also can attend any upcoming 7:00 p.m. formal meeting to address the full Council during the general comment period. Find the meeting schedule at or call 801-535-7600.

For questions, comments, and concerns please email Your input will be shared with the Mayor and Council Members.

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