Golf Fund Recommendations

Council Forwards Golf Recommendations to Administration

At its February 24 meeting, the Council discussed recommendations for preserving the long-term viability of the City’s golf courses and adopted a motion to send a number of recommended options to the Administration, including recommendations for Wingpointe, Glendale and Nibley golf courses. Read all the Council’s recommendations. 

No Prison in Salt Lake City

Proposed Prison Relocation in Salt Lake City

The Prison Relocation Commission (PRC) has been working on a plan to move the Utah State Prison, and one of the sites under strong consideration is located in Salt Lake City. Read background information here.

Start voicing your concerns now by emailing or calling Prison Relocation Commission Members.

The PRC’s next meeting is TBA. Visit the State’s website for more information.

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    • Council Members Luke Garrott and Lisa Adams (left, right) met today with the Co-Chairs of the Homeless Services Commission, former Mayor Palmer DePaulis and philanthropist Gail Miller (inner left, right). Other Council Members also have recently met with the Commission Leaders to help tackle shelter and services issues in the City.

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