Council funds 50 New Police Officers and more

Salt Lake City Council Members on Tuesday, December 5 voted to fund 50 new police officers, plus supported additional employees for the SLCPD’s social work office, crime lab and civilian workforce.

Also funded by the Council are four new positions related to social work at the Community Connection Center (CCC), an office in the PD dedicated to helping those experiencing homelessness. Read more.

Transit Master Plan

Transit Master Plan adopted

ADOPTED. On December 5, the City Council adopted a citywide plan that helps guide the future of bus, light-rail and streetcar systems in the City. More at Open City Hall (closed topics)

Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory Dwelling Units proposal returns in spring 2018

After several discussions and two public hearings about Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), the Council on December 5 sent the proposal back to the City’s Planning Division for a renewed discussion.  The proposed ordinance would have changed the City’s ADU regulations, but will instead will undergo additional Planning review and then renewed Council consideration in spring of 2018.  ADUs are small apartments that share a lot with a single-family homes.  More at Open City Hall (closed topics).

Affordable Housing in Salt Lake City

Growing SLC: A 5-Year Housing Plan

The Citywide plan, submitted by the Mayor’s Office to the Council, envisions Salt Lake City as a place where all its residents can find housing that is safe, secure and affordable, and echoes the affordable housing goals of the Council’s 2017 Priority on this topic. More discussion planned in a Work Session briefing on December 12. A vote is possible on December 12, too. Give your feedback on Open City Hall, the city’s online forum.

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