Plan approved for developing Salt Lake City’s Northwest Quadrant

Why should Salt Lake City residents care about SB234?

City Council Members are calling on Governor Gary Herbert to veto S.B. 234, the Utah Inland Port Authority bill, passed by both Houses of the Utah Legislature on March 7, 2018.

Why should Salt Lake City residents care about SB234, which creates an independent Inland Port Authority in the City’s Northwest Quadrant?

Overall, the State Legislature’s Inland Port Authority bill is bad for Salt Lake City. It takes away the City’s control for a quarter of the City’s land area, an area larger than most other incorporated Cities in Utah. It also sets a dangerous precedent for what other cities and residents throughout Utah could also stand to lose. Read the top 3 reasons the bill falls short.

Funding Our Future

Funding Our Future – Public Hearings coming on funding options

Salt Lake City’s population is growing, its economy is flourishing, and its neighborhoods are vibrant and welcoming. Yet, despite being a city on the upswing, Salt Lake City’s bright future could be dimmed without investing more in our critical public services like roads, housing, transit and public safety.

Salt Lake City staff and policy makers have spent the past several years studying the City’s long-term service needs and possible ways to fund them. An analysis shows there is nearly $150 million in unfunded one-time and ongoing needs in the areas of street maintenance, affordable housing, transit service, and public safety – all areas that need additional funding to improve air quality and maintain the City’s high quality of life.

Mayor Biskupski and the City Council are launching a concerted effort to seek feedback about these needs and possible funding methods, including a sales tax increase and General Obligation bond.
Here’s how you can learn more and make your voice heard:

  • Beginning March 16, go to for more information.
  • Attend a public hearing at Council Chambers on Tuesday, March 20 and Tuesday, April 3.
  • Call the City Council Comment Line at 801-535-7654.
  • Contact the Mayor’s Office at 801-535-7701.

Participate in a public workshop scheduled for Thursday, April 5 – details coming soon.

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