Golf Fund Recommendations

Golf Fund Public Hearing – February 3, 2015

A public hearing has been scheduled by the Salt Lake City Council for Tuesday, February 3, to accept public comment on options to address the City Golf Fund’s financial issues. The hearing starts at 7:00 p.m. in room 315 of the City and County Building, and everyone who would like to speak is offered two minutes to address the Council.

New information for review includes the Council’s Citizen Task Force recommendations and a municipal financial consultant’s preliminary findings. The Council also will hold follow-up discussions before taking action. Read more.

No Prison in Salt Lake City

Proposed Prison Relocation in Salt Lake City

The Prison Relocation Commission (PRC) has been working on a plan to move the Utah State Prison, and one of the sites under strong consideration is located in Salt Lake City. Background info here.  You can start voicing your concerns now by emailing or calling Prison Relocation Commission Members. The commission will have its next meeting on Feb. 6. Read the PRC Report from Jan. 5: PRC Narrows Prison Site Alternatives.

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    Housing Trust Fund Loans The Council discussed proposed Housing Trust Fund Loans. As part of the discussion, the Council mentioned its interest in having a broader discussion about affordable housing. The Council will take action on these items at a later date. The proposed loans include: NeighborWorks, to develop affordable housing and rehabilitation of qualified […]

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    New City Budget focuses on SLC’s core services; additions made to trail development, homeless aid.

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