Citywide proposals need your input!

The Council is considering many proposals that will impact residents citywide, and they need your feedback!

The Transit Master Plan: A proposed citywide plan that would help guide the future of bus, light-rail and streetcar systems in the City. Learn more.  This item is tentatively scheduled for a follow-up discussion by the Council on November 14.

Homeless Resource Centers (HRC): This proposed ordinance would create requirements that the two new HRCs must comply with in order to operate in the City. The updated proposal modifies the landscape buffer requirements for the facilities. The Council may have a follow-up discussion at the Nov. 14 Work Session, and may adopt an updated proposal in the months ahead. Read more.

Accessory Dwelling Units: This proposed ordinance would change the City’s Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) regulations. ADUs are small apartments that share a lot with a single-family home. The updated proposal would make this ordinance citywide, but specialized boundaries instead of citywide are also still being considered. The Council has requested additional information on reviewing the overall effects of the proposal. Learn more.

Provide your feedback on all these topics online at Open City Hall.

Second Public Hearing Scheduled for City Housing Plan

The Council wants your feedback on “Growing SLC: A 5-Year Housing Plan.”

Second Public Hearing: Tuesday, November 21 in Room 315 of the City & County Building.

The plan, submitted by the Mayor’s Office to the Council, envisions Salt Lake City as a place where all its residents can find housing that is safe, secure and affordable, and echoes the affordable housing goals of the Council’s 2017 Priority on this topic. The Council may have a follow-up discussion at a the November 14 Work Session.

Read the plan and supporting documents and the latest Council Staff report.

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