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Parks, Trails & Open Space Bond: Hearing Continued to August 18

You may have heard that Salt Lake City is considering whether to put a General Obligation Bond on the ballot to pay for open space, trails, and recreation projects in the City. On July 28, the Council held a public hearing with more than 70 speakers from the community who gave input on the proposal and what – if any – changes should be made. Written comments can still be submitted.

The public hearing has been continued to August 18 at 7:00 p.m. Comments at the continued public hearing will focus more on whether to support a finalized bond package. The project categories and other information about the parks, trails and open space bond proposal are available on the Council website. The final decision on whether to approve adding this bond to the ballot will be made at the Aug. 18 Council meeting following the hearing.

Keep updated on the proposal here.

Vote By Mail Begins in Salt Lake City

Vote by Mail: Primary ballots must be postmarked by August 10

To increase voter participation, the Council has approved a major change for the voting process this year. All registered SLC voters will have received a mailed ballot in July. Ballots were mailed beginning 28 days prior to the August 11th Primary. The same 28 day advance is scheduled for the November 3rd General Election. The Primary deadline for postmarked ballots is August 10. None of the traditional polling locations will be open this year, but any voter may cast a ballot at one of only four vote centers. This option is only available on election days. Learn more.

Plan Salt Lake -Citywide Vision

Council taking comments on Plan Salt Lake

Plan Salt Lake is a comprehensive, Citywide vision plan for Salt Lake City. It has gone through an extended review period with public input on many levels. The Plan is now before City Council for its final review before a possible adoption in the months ahead.

The Plan will be used to guide future community master plans and element plans over the next twenty-five years, so public input at every step is important. This is a final chance for all to see that the Plan has the elements you desire to help City leaders make critical decisions about the shape of our City. A public hearing was held June 2 and June 16 and July 21. Residents also are invited to voice their opinions at Open City Hall, the City’s online forum.

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