No Prison in Salt Lake City

Public Input for Prison Relocation is available online; Next Meeting July 16

The Prison Relocation Commission (PRC) has been working on a plan to move the Utah State Prison, and one of the sites under strong consideration is located in Salt Lake City, west of the airport at about I-80 and 7200 West.

The commission chairs have scheduled a meeting on Thursday, July 16 at 9:00 a.m. at the Utah State Capitol Hill Complex, 350 North State Street, House Building, Room 30. You can send your comments to the PRC at

Miss the Q&A held by the PRC last month? Watch it here.

Plan Salt Lake -Citywide Vision

Council still taking comments on Plan Salt Lake

Plan Salt Lake is a comprehensive, Citywide vision plan for Salt Lake City. It has gone through an extended review period with public input on many levels. The Plan is now before City Council for its final review before a possible adoption in the months ahead.

The Plan will be used to guide future community master plans and element plans over the next twenty-five years, so public input at every step is important. This is a final chance for all to see that the Plan has the elements you desire to help City leaders make critical decisions about the shape of our City. A public hearing was held June 2 and June 16. Residents are invited to voice their opinions at Open City Hall, the City’s online forum.

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